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Awarded 2015 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence

Formosamar was awarded 2015 Tripadvisor Certificate of Excellence. This is a true source of pride for the entire team at Formosamar and we’d like to thank all of our guests who took the time to complete a review on TripAdvisor.
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Saveiros: Traditional Fishing Boats of Algarve

Saveiro is the Portuguese word to designate small boats with different shapes, but all 100% built in wood.The most ancient and original ones have even wooden nails. Among the fishermen the Saveiro is also known as “lancha”.The Saveiro is a open boat with about 5-6 meters length, that used to go to the sea to catch mackerel and horse mackerel through a traditional fishing gear...
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A Kayak Tour in the Ria Formosa, Algarve

Sophie Law of the Sunday Independent visited the Algarve and decided to explore the Ria Formosa on a Kayak Tour with us. She later wrote her experience with us. Portugal’s Ria Formosa: Spot the exotic visitors as they fly in Birds and planes are major features of the Ria Formosa. Sophie Lam takes to the...
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Birdwatching in the Algarve: Common Coot

The Common Coot is a water bird, belonging to the Rallidae family, which can be observed all over Europe, North and South Africa and in the Palearctic, Indomalayan and Australasian regions. In Portugal we find Fulica atra from north to south, mainly in coastal lagoon systems. This species can remain in these habitats or make them a...
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A Traditional Boat Trip in the Ria Formosa is in the Top 10 Things You Must Do in the City of Faro

The jounalist Rob Crossan of the Daily express visited the Algarve with destination to the city of Faro and the Ria Formosa Nature Park where he found a beautiful city surrounded by a unique protected area. According to Rob, a traditional boat trip in the Ria Formosa with Formosamar is in 3rdplace of the 10 things you must do...
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The Little Terns Arrival to Ria Formosa

Sternula albifrons (Pallas, 1764) is the smallest tern found in Europe, and that why it’s called Little Tern. The Little Tern is almost half the size of the Common Tern and its length ranges from 21 up to 25 cm and a wingspan of 41 up to 47 cm. The juveniles have black bills with yellow base, and during breeding plumage...
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Algarve in the 45 Places to Go in 2012

According to the New York Times, the Algarve is amongst the 45 Places to go in 2012.Considered as Portugal’s Riviera, the Algarve has long been a major package-holiday destination for northern Europeans.The region is described as a major package-holiday destination for northern Europeans with new or renovated luxury hotels emphasizing style, authenticity and eco-friendliness. The Ria...
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