We believe that the development of tourism in natural areas is possible in a sustainable way preserving nature and helping the local communities. Therefore Formosamar aims at sustainable management.

All our tours and activities are carried out with special attention and always trying to minimize environmental impacts. We try to raise environmental awareness and respect for nature amongst our clients during our tours.

Formosamar organizes several ecotourism activities in the Ria Formosa and the coast of the Algarve and all our tours are certified as Ecotourism by the Portuguese Institute for Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity. For cetaceans and dolphin watching, Formosamar is also fully licensed by the Portuguese Institute for Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity with license No. 01/2010.

Our mission is to promote the Ria Formosa and all its natural and cultural heritage to the visitors of this area. This mission is fulfilled in a sustainable way so that participants get in touch with nature and witness its importance.

We value sustainability, environmental awareness and nature, always assuring quality and safety.

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