Welcome to Algarve

Located in the South west extreme of Europe, the Algarve is famous for its enchanting coastal landscapes.

Welcome to Algarve

With a coastline of breathtaking beauty with superb beaches of fine sand and crystal waters, the Algarve is the ideal region for your holidays in Portugal. But this region is not only about sun and sea, it holds a vast historical, cultural and natural heritage.

The Algarve was the last region to be conquered from the Moors. The region become a part of the Kingdom of Portugal, in 1292, but the influences of the Moorish presence in the Algarve are still visible throughout the region. In fact, the name Algarve has a Muslim origin, it derives from the term al-Gharb al-Ândalus the name given to the region that we know nowadays as Algarve and Alentejo. It means West Andaluz because this was the the western part of the Muslim Andalusia, the most important Muslim center of the former Hispânia Islâmica.

The typical architecture of the Algarve with terraces and chimneys typically Moorish, the almond, orange and other fruit trees multiplied along the countryside of the Algarve as well as the names of several villages and cities are all Moorish legacies. The craft skilfully manufactured by craftsmen, using ancient techniques, is manifested in pottery, basketry and beautiful handicraft works using materials such as copper, brass, flax and jute. Two steps from the peaceful countryside are the lively Algarve nights. Bars, discos, marinas and casinos guarantee a good time for everyone.

Due to the proximity with North Africa, the region has a mild climate throughout the year. For those who like nature, the Algarve has many places to explore. Here you will find natural parks, nature reserves, beautiful coastal areas and a lovely countryside worthy of exploring for anyone looking either for an ecotourism holidays or for adventure in the Algarve. This is also the region where you can visit one of the 7 Natural Wonders of Portugal: the Ria Formosa – one of three protected areas where you can experience great nature tourism activities and tours.

And of course our food. The Gastronomy… make sure you don’t leave the Algarve without trying some of the Algarve fish dishes and the awesome seafood of this coast. But there is also the pork meat, the chickpeas with cabbage typical of the mountainous zone, the regional delicacies of our pastry using figs, almonds and carob and the medronho, the heady spirit made in copper stills from the fruits of the strawberry tree, or the melosa, a mixture of brandy and honey. by arbutus brandy, distilled in the hills in old copper stills.

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This is a brief portrait of an Algarve, a region awaiting you all year long.

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